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What will the future of work be?

Rapidly changing world sets new opportunities and challenges to employers and employees. 65 per cent of today’s school kids will be working with jobs that don’t exist today.

The aim of the “Insights of the future” program is to engage and challenge youngsters to share their visions on what the future of the work will be, and to encourage them to imagine even those job opportunities that might feel impossible today. At the same time the program aims to inspire the whole society to contemplate on the same themes – the currently unimaginable jobs, competences and skills that the future will require.


From youngsters to youngsters

In this inspirational task, we are collaborating with some of the most influential Finnish youtubers who have been paving the way for others by creating completely new occupations for themselves with their self-taught know-how and fearless attitude. The role of these young influencers will be activating and encouraging their peers to share their thoughts of the future, and share their excitement for the new and unknown.


The main platform of the campaign is Instagram – click here to see the campaign profile @tietoa_tulevasta.

Society – video in Finnish
Despite his young age, this dancing YouTuber has already boldly challenged norms set by society. Tuure encourages young people to question preconceptions and to bravely follow their own hearts instead of the traditional, already paved paths.
Wellbeing – video in Finnish
Justimus Sami
The most popular multi-media comedy group, Justimusfilms, creates humorous videos consumed by hundreds of thousands of youngsters weekly. Big audience brings also big responsibilities – Sami from Justimusfilms shares the actual meanings behind all that comedy they really want to communicate to their followers.
YouTuber and radio host MariieVeronica discusses about the possibilities developing technology enables and considers the possible threats digitalization sets for instance for cyber security. She also tells about her job and its requirements to be constantly present on social media and to use interactive technologies.
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tietoa tulevasta


Ecosystems and start-ups accelerating innovation
“Every company should adapt the agile and courageous attitude of start-ups.”
Change on way of working
“In 30 years most of us will have several employers, it’s inevitable.”


Are you a youngster aged 13-18? You can participate in the campaign by posting pictures or short videos on Instagram about what the future of work will be, or what you would hope it to be like. Remember to use the hashtag #tietoatulevasta. The best posts will be rewarded with access to innovation workshops hosted by YouTubers. More information on the @Tietoa_tulevasta profile on Instagram.

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